Workshop in Eindhoven

Workshop in Eindhoven, NL  was conducted on 29th-30th September 2021 for providing training on the use of the VAT tool (Vulnerability Assessment Too) of DG HOME and the proposed Vulnerability Assessment Methodology to base the subsequent VA workshops in the religious sites.

The workshop was organized by DITSS and KEMEA for more than 20 experts from partners’ organizations. During this training workshop, participants were provided with a general view on criminal threats and how historical theories and data can help to predict and prevent terrorist threats, prior to focusing on specificities related to places of worship. The general aspects of a security planning as well as utilizing the knowledge gained from the PRoTECT project on a Vulnerability Assessment of a certain public and place of worship were discussed. In the more practical part of this first workshop, two visits at religious sites were conducted and experts went into the details of vulnerability assessment, using the EU Vulnerability Assessment Tool (VAT).