Panel for students – The Role of Interfaith Dialog in Limiting and Preventing Mass Atrocities

On 23 March 2022, as a  part of the 3rd day of the 18th Science Festival at WSB University, a panel for students was organised within  the planned events of  WP7  Awareness raising campaign of ProSPeReS project.

Objective of the panel peruse  the main goal of project which is to strengthen the security of religious sites. The panel was concentrated to:

  • Experience and best practices with radicalisation and violent extremism with focus on religious sites/public places with a high concentration of people,
  • Dialogue between religious sites operators, security units, managing, local and governmental authorities and the communities.

The lecture on the role of inter-religious dialogue in countering the threat of terrorism and mass atrocities was led by Adrian Siadkowski, PhD, prof. AWSB, with special participation by Piotr Cywiński, PhD – Director of the Auschwitz – Birkenau Concentration Camp Museum. In his interview, the Director drew attention to the parallels between past and present, the role of interreligious dialogue and the attitude of the Orthodox Church towards the current war in Ukraine triggered by Russia’s attack on a sovereign and independent country. We invite you to watch the interview.