Meeting in The Hague October 26-27, 2022

The activities of the ProSPeReS consortium continue. This time, representatives of the scientific community headed by the University of Lodz, security management of various institutions, public services including the Police and the Fire Department, as well as representatives and leaders or representatives of EU religious communities will meet in The Hague at a workshop organized by DISSS – The Dutch Institute for Safe and Secure Space and the University of Lodz. The issues of the workshop concern the preparation of tailored security measures for religious facilities under WP3. The meeting will be attended by 18 participants from various religious organizations from different European countries and the whole ProSPeReS consortium supported by European Commission, ENLETS network, etc. Joint discussion, exchange of views, and evaluation of previous undertakings within the framework of the ProSPeReS project will undoubtedly contribute to deepening cooperation between stakeholders.