Pilot training of the ProSPeReS project


From May 31 to June 2, 2023, the first pilot training course of the Prosperes project took place, organized by the Archdiocese of Lodz and the University of Lodz with the participation of the Jewish Community of Warsaw, the WSB University, the Social Observatory, the Provincial Police Headquarters in Lodz and the City Police of Lodz. Prosperes trainers conducted the training based on the program and materials developed by the project consortium. Participants were people responsible for tasks related to security at religious sites, religious personnel and administrators of religious sites, seminary students, organizers of religious events, volunteers, but also police officers working with religious organizations.

The training was designed to provide participants with knowledge and skills in improving security at places of religious worship. The scope of the training included:

  • Introduction to the protection of religious sites – overview of threats, planning and organization of the security system at the facility, examples of good practices.
  • Analysis of the vulnerability of the facility to terrorist attacks, the risk of the threat, its effects and countermeasures (VAT lite).
  • “Security by Design” for places of worship.
  • Technological solutions (CCTV technical equipment, access control, personal equipment).
  • Planning safe gatherings in cooperation with the police and other public services,
  • Selected procedures for preventing and responding to attacks, post-attack response,
  • Training with VR scenarios.

Initial feedback was collected to improve the training materials.