How to install

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How to install

How to Install and Launch ProSPeReS VR Application:

  1. Download the ProSPeReS Application:

  2. Install the ProSPeReS Application:

    • Launch the Oculus Developer Hub or Meta Quest Developer Hub application on your computer.

    • Open the directory where you have the ProSPeReS application files (with the .apk extension).

    • Click on the application file and drag it into the designated installation area, similar to how you would in Windows.

Figure 1
Place red colour marker where application file should be dropped

Figure 2
A window like that shown here will appear when you hover your mouse over it.

Launching the ProSPeReS Application:

  1. To run the application with the goggles:

    • Open the application library on your Oculus Quest 2 goggles.

    • In the upper right corner, press the drop-down menu and select “unknown sources”.

    • You will see the applications installed by the user; select the ProSPeReS application.

Figure 3
Application library

Figure 4
Installed applications

Launching the ProSPeReS Application via the Developer Hub:

Click on “Launch” in the ProSPeReS app as seen in the area outlined by a red box in the Developer Hub/Device Manager.

Figure 5
Developer Hub – launch application

How to Navigate in a VR Environment Using Oculus Quest 2 Controllers:

  • Joystick on the right controller: Use this for slow forward/backward movement.

  • Right trigger: Use this for action/confirmation.

  • Joystick on the left controller + trigger button (left controller):
    This allows you to jump to the place marked with an orange circle.

  • Round button on the right controller: Press briefly for fire action.

  • Round button on the right controller: Press long to turn off the goggles.

Figure 6
Jump displacement

Figure 7
Place of interaction

Broadcast via Developer Hub:

To broadcast your VR experience, follow these steps:

  1. Connect the router to the internet (only needed to start the transmission; you can disconnect it later).

  2. Ensure both the computer and the goggles are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

  3. Connect the goggles to the computer using a cable.

  4. Launch the Oculus Developer Hub or Meta Quest Developer Hub application on your computer.

  5. In the application, go to “Device Manager” and turn on “ADB over Wi-Fi”. Wait until it shows “On” under “ADB over Wi-Fi”.

  6. Once connected, you can disconnect the cable from the headset. If the headset gets disconnected, repeat the step.

  7. After connecting the goggles, click on the “Cast” button, and the transmission should start.

Figure 8
Broadcast via developer hub