Crisis Information Centre,
Space Research Centre Polish Academy of Sciences

The Crisis Information Centre (CIK) is a part of the Space Research Centre PAS (CBK PAN) Earth Observation Group. CIK combines know-how in the area of science, research and perspective of users. The main goal of CIK is to increase effectiveness of rescue and crisis management by usage of technical capabilities in the field of geospatial information, developing and testing new methods and tools with special focus on development of satellite techniques and drones mapping imagery.

The CBK PAN is an interdisciplinary research institute, established in 1976. The headquarter of CBK PAN is placed in Warsaw, but the institute has branches in Wrocław, Borówiec and Zielona Góra. CBK PAN conducts physical and geodynamic research of planets and the Earth. The distinguishing feature of the Center is combining research and construction activities: we design and build space devices, as well as analyse the data obtained from them

CIK CBK PAN role in the ProSPeReS Project is to actively support Project Partners in activities related to the Vulnerability Assessment and Needs Analysis of Religious sites as well as preparing set of measures for increasing security of the worship places and training of the personnel. CIK expertise is primarily in drone and satellite imagery applications. Moreover, CIK CBK PAN uses its network to reach broad audience of Crisis Management Practitioners (i.e. through the Crisis Management Innovation Network Europe) and to engage them in cooperation within the scope of protection of religious places.