Dynamic Safety Corporation

DSC is the limited liability company acting in the following areas:

  • Virtual training systems for law enforcement services,
  • Complete demonstration VR and AR training modules,
  • Implementation of selected scenarios using VR, Motion Capture, AR,
  • Transferring military technologies to public safety and commercial areas, close cooperation with Fire Brigade HQ, National Board Police HQ,
  • R&D public safety projects conducted with main Polish academies and institutes.

DSC has a great experience in developing and implementation employee training systems based on VR Techniques. DSC specializes in technologies: Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Motion Capture, Passive Haptic, Head-Mounted Display.

The company cooperates with the largest research and development centres and universities in Poland and all over the word. An experienced personnel completed over 50 projects for polish armed inspectorate, police, border guards, firefighting brigades, airports, special forces.

Role in the Prosperes project: contribution to all WPs and delivery of eLearning platform with VR demonstrator.