The Main School of Fire Service

The Main School of Fire Service (SGSP) is the state services national technical university supervised by the Minister of Interior and Administration with almost 100 years of history. SGSP provides education and training to crisis and risk managers, security experts, fire engineers, environment protection experts as well as fire officers. SGSP is the only university in Poland which is appointed to graduate fire officers. SGSP provides study courses in “Safety Engineering” and “Internal Security” on Bachelor/Engineer and Master degree levels. Moreover it owns rights to graduate PhD students in two scientific disciplines 1/ security sciences and 2/ environmental engineering. Besides being an university, SGSP is also an operational unit of the State Fire Service which runs its own professional fire station and forms national rescue reserves ready to be deployed country wide by General Director for Civil Protection/Chief Commandant of the State Fire Service in case of major disasters. The university runs more than 20 different laboratories (incl. CBRNE, haz-mat, decision making support, etc.), more than 100 scientific and didactic staff and more than 2000 students.

SGSP leads Work Package 4 dedicated to preparedness for CBRN protection. WP4 is aimed at revision of security measures regarding CBRN protection and preparing scenarios of potential CBRN attacks with recommendations of responses. In addition SGSP coordinates preparation of CBRN information compendium tailored for the worship places operators and other stakeholders relevant to religious gatherings.